About us

The Centre for Care Research was established by the Ministry of Health and Care Services based on White Paper no. 25 (2005–2006). The centre was established at the University of Tromsø, Nord University, the Western University of Applied Sciences, the University of Agder in collaboration with the University of South-Eastern Norway, and NTNU in Gjøvik. The five centres constitute a national network, which is coordinated from Gjøvik.


The objective of the Centre for Care Research is to strengthen practice-based research and development, disseminate research to the municipalities and education sector and contribute to skills development in the municipal health and care services. The centre has a special responsibility for collaboration with and guidance of the Centre for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services. A panel of around 50 municipalities (known as care research municipalities) is affiliated with the Centre for Care Research. This constitutes a representative selection of Norwegian municipalities.

Our mandate

The centre’s mandate is to collect, produce and disseminate knowledge about care, caring and care work. By “collect knowledge”, we mean that the Centre for Care Research shall maintain a review of relevant knowledge within the field, including about new work methods. The centre shall collect and summarize this established knowledge and make it accessible to others, including through The Care Library. By “produce knowledge”, we mean perform research, development work and innovation work within the entire discipline. By “disseminate knowledge”, we mean spreading and making available relevant knowledge through various media so that it benefits out target groups.

Target groups

Examples of the target groups of the Centre for Care Research include politicians in the health and care sector, project managers responsible for municipal health and care projects, managers and staff in the health and care service, managers of education institutions offering health and care subjects, various user organisations, nurses and nursing students. 

Leading research community

The Centre for Care Research shall be the country’s leading research community in its field when it comes to performing research, reviewing established knowledge and disseminating knowledge. The centre shall also be an international actor within its field and perform practice-based, interdisciplinary and independent research of and for the health and care sector.

Our activities

The Centre for Care Research is situated in Norway’s five geographical regions: Northern Norway, Central Norway, Western Norway, Southern Norway and Eastern Norway. As part of the professional community, the centres collaborate on a national research conference every second year, joint participation at Arendalsuka, a joint report series, annual seminars, The Care Library (Omsorgsbiblioteket) and the Journal of Care Research (Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning).