Do you need research?

It’s hard to image that anyone has as many researchers and as much knowledge about health and care services than the Centre for Care Research. We will gladly assist if you are wondering about what research and development work exist within your area, or if you require assistance to implement a large- or small-scale study.

The Centre for Care Research has many researchers working exclusively on care research. Moreover, we have several researchers whose task is to collect all the R&D work implemented in the field of care. Consequently, when it comes to the field of care, we have a comprehensive review of the knowledge and development work that exists. If you are wondering about whether there are any R&D projects within your field of interest, we will gladly help you to search. If you want research that can help your municipality to undertake care work, we can set up a plan. The centres for Care Research are situated in all five of Norway’s regions and are coordinated from the centre in Gjøvik. If you wish to contact us, please click here for contact details.